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Who Is This Guy?

My name is Rikard Saqe and I'm an 18 year old passionate about improving lives at the intersection of biology and tech- currently a machine learning researcher at the Magarvey Lab working within drug discovery, and hosting one of Canada's biggest student biotech conferences called BioTEC. In the past I've built skills/technical knowledge relating to growth marketing, blockchain, finance, and design.

I love learning about other people's interests! Discussing topics that broaden my perspective on the world, like in philosophy, politics, psychology, etc is awesome as well.

Currently this website's pretty out of date, update coming soon! For current info check my Linkedin icon right below this :)

Graphic Design


Blockchain Development


Growth Marketing


Front End Development


What I'm Up To!

Machine Learning Development

I'm currently developing several projects in the space to learn about different use cases and techniques, more information soon to be released!

Med Innovation Conference

Along with a few of my peers I am organzing a conference designed to inform youth on the future of medicine. We will be focusing on technologies such as genetic engineering and AI, and all proceeds will be donated to Sick Kids!

Leveraging The Community

Working with 2 friends, we realized all parties involved aren't getting as much as they could out of them. To solve this we started Omicron, helping hackers and companies work better with one another.

My Portfolio

Here's some of my recent work!

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MuFu Energy




Voting Dapp

Pete's Pet Shop


Omicron Deck

Conversation Travel Deck

Sapien Network Deck

Polyswarm Deck

Request Network Deck

Plasma One Pager

Issues + Innovations In Blockchain One Pager

Polyswarm One Pager

TKS Innovators Podcast

Bezant x Sapien Network Interview

City TV x SpitStrips Interview

Toronto Guardian x SpitStrips Interview

Y2 x SpitStrips Interview

Betakit x SpitStrips Interview

MuFu Energy Presentation

Blockchain- Issues + Innovations Presentation

SpitStrips- Internationals Presentation

Latest Articles

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What if I told you the biggest innovation of the 21st century wouldn’t be Artificial General Intelligence, genetically engineering humans, or connecting our consciousness with a brain computer interface to live forever, but instead… a digital chain of blocks.

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What if we could harness a virtually unlimited energy source with no negative drawbacks to the environment from something as simple as a glass of water, all in your backyard? Sounds too good to be true, but it is surprisingly plausible within the next 10 years. Here’s how.

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One Vote Won't Make A Difference, But The Whole System Will

Let’s be honest folks, the world is corrupt. There’s so much going on under our noses that ignorance is bliss right now. However, for something as important as our voting system- one of the pillars of our democracy, that’s probably something we should care a lot about.

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